Penis Envy 01
Marylin Star is a woman obsessed with her penis, or more appropriately the lack of it. Luckily, Marylin`s a popular girl in the South Florida sex industry, with a lot of sexy bisexual girlfriends to share her love of fake-phallus fucking! Outside or inside her gorgeous mansion, Marylin plunges fat rubber cocks between the eager wet lips of her sexy partners in slime. And when she`s extra horny, Marylin calls on the local escort services for some more slutty babes to play hide-the-dildo with. If trash talk, big fat strap-ons and new girls engaging in pussy-dripping dildo-mania are your scene, then get yourself into Penis Envy!
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Stars: Jennifer Steele,Paige Powers,Marylin Star,Lexxxy,Denee Dreams,Ashley Heart,Dinah Sunrise,Cheyenne Wylde,
Director: Jim Gunn
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